Bristol Kicks Off Independence Celebrations

By: Robert Bumsted



We're now just three weeks from the famous Bristol Fourth of July celebration. On Friday, the town kicked off the season with a celebration of Flag Day.

First celebrated in 1949, the day commemorates the adoption of our national flag in 1777. In Bristol, of course, they go all out. Hundreds showed up on Friday to honor the flag and congratulate the organizers of this year's events.

“This is really the town's night,” says Louis Cirillo, chief marshal of the parade. “From this point forward there will be all sorts of activities that include the rest of the world, but these are all Bristolians out here tonight enjoying the activity.”

The Bristol parade is the longest-running Independence Day celebration in the country, going back to 1785.

So what makes the people of Bristol so proud? Cirillo says it may be their special connection to the revolutionary war. “Bristol, itself was attacked viciously by the British during the revolutionary war and upon the celebration of independence, the town really came together,” he says.

The town of Bristol has celebrations running through the rest of the month. A full list of events can be found on their website: