Bristol Man Charged In Connection with Counterfeiting Operation

A search for the source of a few counterfeit 20-dollar bills that were passed in Bristol, led police to uncover, a counterfeiting operation.

The U.S. Secret Service agent in charge of the investigation, Tom Powers, said this morning that the bust in Bristol is a pretty big deal.

Especially when you consider that the alleged counterfeiter was using nothing more than a consumer grade printer, scanner, and paper, to make almost 6-thousand dollars in counterfeit cash.

Now at first glance the bills look like the real thing, 10-20-50-and 100-dollar bills, that seem to be straight off the press at the U.S. Mint.

But they're not, the bills are counterfeit.

And although they look good to an untrained eye, experts like Agent Powers, can see that they're fake, without much effort.

“If you feel that paper there, you can tell right away, it doesn't pass the feel test. It looks good, but it doesn't have any of the security features, even the basic ones.”said Powers.

The bills were found after Bristol Police searched the home of 26-year old James Suarez.

Suarez was a suspect in two-cases of passing phony money in Bristol, at a Shell Food Mart and at Judge Roy Bean Saloon.

“I don't think he's a very good criminal and I think that ultimately we were going to catch up with him.” said Bristol's deputy chief, Steven Contente.

What makes this bust unusual though is the amount of fake money that was made, almost 6-thousand dollars worth.

All of it made using nothing more than a printer, scanner, and paper, that could be bought at any local department store.

“Most counterfeiters that use this technology they'll print a couple hundred dollars to get them through the week and as they need money, they'll print more as they need more, but to print a lot at one time and to hide it, we haven't seen that around here recently.” said Agent Powers.

James Suarez is being charged with 3-felonies in connection with the counterfeiting operation, including 2-counts of manufacturing counterfeit money, and one count of possession of counterfeit bills.

Suarez has already been arraigned on the charges and his bail was set at 30-thousand dollars.