Bristol Police hold first “Trunk-or-Treat” as safe Halloween alternative

BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) — For many families, a year without celebrating Halloween is a scary thought.

“They had to do something,” said Susan Aguiar of Bristol. “They can’t just let every holiday pass by with no recognition. I know it’s a different year but you have to make some happiness.”

That’s why for the first time ever, the Bristol Police department set up a “Trunk-or-Treat,” where in addition to reaching their hands to pet goats, kids reach into the trunk of a police cruiser to get their candy.

“They’re in bags, we don’t get to see people, we have to wear masks,” said Kinleigh Morin, visiting from Middletown to trick-or-treat. “So it’s totally different, but it’s totally the same Halloween.”

And grownups say the event here isn’t just about giving candy to the kids, but it’s an opportunity to have positive interactions with police.

“In times like this, it’s incredible,” said Farideh Lewandowski of Bristol. “They’re stepping up and showing the community that they’re here for us. They want to get to know us. And it’s a really small community and having the officers out, it’s really cool to see them like this. We don’t usually get to see this side of them.”

And police say the hundreds who showed up prove this is a community need even beyond the pandemic.

“I think with the turnout this year, we’re probably going to be doing it next year,” said event organizer Sgt. Michael Vieira of the Bristol Police Department. “I hope it’s something maybe we can continue.”

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