Bristol teen and twin brother compete in annual button contest

By Alana Cerrone


This year’s official button of the Bristol 4th of July Celebration was designed by a teen who has lived in town all his life.

But to win the contest, he had to beat his twin brother.

When you’re born and raised in Bristol, you’ve seen the 4th of July parade about as many years as you’ve been alive.

Now 14, Forest Rodriguez has no doubt about his favorite part. "The main part of the parade that I like is the bands…we decided that would be a perfect fit to put there."

This year, the Fourth of July Committee chose his design as the overall winner in their annual button contest…an honor he’s been competing for against his twin brother for years.

“My brother won it twice and got a lot of recognition for it…I’m really excited… I’ve done it every year he has.”

His brother Hunter drew the winning buttons in 2011 and 2012…but this year, he doesn’t seem to mind sharing the glory.

"I’m happy for him cause he’s never won before…"

You can buy your own button at any of the souvenir stands around town, or several local shops, and at Independence Park.

"All my friends are like ‘oh you won the button!’"

For now, Forest is soaking up all the extra attention, but as far as next year goes, the brothers will go back to the drawing board.

Besides bragging rights, Forest also gets a $125 prize. But in good sportsmanship, the boys said each year they’ve won…they’ve split the winnings.

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