Brockton PD cracking down on illegal dirt bikes & ATV’s

BROCKTON, M.A. (WLNE) — The city of Brockton has been dealing with an uptick of illegal dirt bike and ATV riders on city streets.

Residents say riders speed around town in groups of 30 or more, popping wheelies, swerving in and out of traffic, and driving recklessly on unregistered vehicles.

“It’s getting ridiculous,” said Brockton resident, Andrew Peel. “Everyone going around wreaking havoc, it’s getting out of hand.”

Brockton Police say it’s gotten so bad this summer, that it’s become a safety issue.

Now, police have started towing any illegal or unregistered bikes they find. 

“We’ve seen some accidents that resulted in injuries,” said Brockton Police Chief, Emanuel Gomes.

“Hopefully this will save someone’s life,” Gomes explained.

Police are now encouraging residents to record any groups of riders they see and report them to police.

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