Brown U. cheering for Pats Fullback James Develin

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Brown University is feeling extra pride in alumnus and Patriots Fullback James Develin ahead of the Super Bowl.

On the East Side, Develin is known fondly as “Jimmy.” He played defensive end for the Ivy League from 2006 to 2009.

“He was an animal,” explained Scott Cordischi, the voice of Brown Football. “Coming off the edge, he was a quarterback’s worst nightmare.”

Develin’s plays stood out to Cordischi. “He was the strongest player on the Brown football team and believe it or not, he is the strongest player in the weight room on the Patriots today,” Cordischi said.

Brown Football Coach James Perry was assistant coach during the Develin era, calling the former team captain, “probably the best defensive player in the entire Ivy League.”

Perry added: “It’s not easy for an FCS guy to make it into the NFL, but there are those special guys you get a chance to coach and Jimmy is certainly one of those special guys.”

Now Develin Nation is pulling for number 46 to score his third Super Bowl Ring.

“Every time he does something incredible, the Perry family is off the couch cheering,” Perry said.

Brown’s pride for Develin goes both ways. He visits for practice every fall, speaking with the players who were once in his shoes.

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