Brown University investigating hazing allegations

By: Chloe Leshner


PROVIDENCE (WLNE) — Brown University is looking into allegations of hazing on campus. The ivy league school is investigating the accusations involving the men’s swimming and diving teams.

The alleged hazing happened back in October and the University says it learned about it about a month later.

The Brown University men’s swimming and diving team is making a splash outside of the pool as the University investigates allegations of hazing.

"It’s very, very surprising to me. It’s not the culture here at Brown so to hear that its very weird," says Tommy Marchin, a junior on the hockey team.

Other student athletes say as freshman they’re made aware of the zero tolerance policy for hazing.

"It’s definitely something that doesn’t need to be going on especially on a sports team when you’re trying to build camaraderie and trust on your team," says junior on the wrestling team Tucker Ziegler.

The allegations came to light after a new member of the team spoke anonymously to the University’s newspaper. The Brown Daily Herald reviewed text messages, pictures and audio recordings and reports that on October 7, new members were made to drink excessively. Some got so sick, EMS was called. Photos of the new members wearing only underwear were also taken in front of the Van Wickle Gates. The paper says that audio recordings capture team captains telling the new members to deny any hazing.

In a statement, Brown University officials say no team members have come forward to report this directly to the University.

"The University will ensure that responsible parties are held accountable, whether through individual and/or collective disciplinary action," says Brian Clark, a spokesperson for Brown.

Still, some student athletes say this leaves a stain on the Athletic Department as a whole.

"It’s disappointing to have accusations flying around. That’s something that you don’t want on a campus," says Ziegler.

In addition to punishment from the University, Brown student athletes are also subject to sanctions for violating Ivy League or NCAA regulations.

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