Brush Fires Plague Southern New England

In the span of eight hours on Monday, four brush fires broke out in Seekonk, Tiverton, Burrillville, and Woonsocket.

The dry ground and strong winds created the perfect conditions for brush fires to break out.

“It's a little bit drier then it has been in the past few years, so we're looking for them, a little bit more.” said Woonsocket Fire Department Captain Daniel Bissonnette.

The dry conditions and erratic winds plagued firefighters into the evening in Woonsocket, where a fire near a cemetery, kept crews on the scene for more than an hour.

Brush fires are especially time consuming and frustrating for firefighters, who have to sit and watch them, often for hours, just to make sure they're completely snuffed out.

“It keeps burning and burning, you think its out, but an hour later, you get a little gust of wind and it brings it right back up.” said Capt. Bissonnette.

The erratic winds and dry conditions that made brush fires such a danger on Monday are expected to continue well into Tuesday.

So lighting fires outside is not advised, since even something as small as a lit cigarette, could be enough to ignite a significant brush fire.