Butler Hospital Dedicates New Patient Care Center

Joseph Krapf



On Wednesday Governor Lincoln Chafee and Providence Mayor Angel Traveras united with Patricia Recupero, President and CEO of Butler Hospital for the dedication of the hospital's new Patient Care Center.  

The 48,000 square foot Riverview Building that features extended Patient Assessment Services (PAS) and a new unit for adult inpatient care was made to fore fill the need of Rhode Island's increasing mental health care.

Patricia Ryan Recupero states: “Today we are one-step closer to giving the one out of four Rhode Islanders who struggle with depression, anxiety or an addiction greater access to the care that could change their lives. With the opening of Riverview, patients will no longer wait for hours in crowded emergency rooms for a bed in our hospital. The Riverview Building offers the people of Rhode Island Direct access to the expert assessment and inpatient care they need in a safe, state-of-the art environment that is light-filled, soothing and welcoming,”  

The first floor of the building is now dedicated to the PAS; it is also identified as the Butler Emergency Room or Admissions.

The PAS staff will be able to use a new real-time electronic communications system to make sure that patients get the proper care at the proper time.

The Riverview Building also features 26 new beds which has increased its bed capacity from 117 to 143.

The new unit is very spacious with low stimulation areas, giving the patients and staff a safer and quieter environment to provide accommodation for patients with such needs.

The Intensive Treatment Unit in the Riverview Building will be open on October 1 and on October 20 the Patient Assessment Services will be open.

The building was designed by Yoder & Tidwell, and was built by EW Burman. 

The building cost $16 million to built and received more than $1.6 million in donations from the community.  


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