Burning body at Cranston cemetery ruled homicide

By: Melissa Toupin



The entrance to Cranston's Pocasett Cemetery was blocked off Thursday afternoon
as investigators searched the area for clues in the cities first homicide of 2013.
Wednesday night firefighters were called to 417 Dyer Avenue for a report of a brush fire
around 10:50 p.m. When they arrived they stumbled upon a burning body.

Police have identified the man by fingerprint. They are not releasing
his name until the man's family can be notified, however the victim is a Providence man in his 20's.

“What really disturbs me is just last spring a body was
found in this river. And here we are again revisiting a scene and it seems as
though things are deteriorating,” Carolyn Medeiros the Director of the Alliance for Safe Communities.

Community advocates say this neighborhood is on a downward
slide. The cemetery was once a popular place to walk and jog, but is no longer considered
safe by many.

“There's been
increased crime, drug dealing and incidents like this so there's nothing
encouraging that I feel coming down the road with this,” said Medeiros.

Some neighbors are so on edge after the murder they are considering
moving out of the city. In the mean time they say they will take extra precautions
to protect themselves.

“I try not to come out at night. I try to come out where
there's people around. So that way incase something ever did happen there could
be people around,” said Mikala Bucci of Cranston.