Burrillville mom thanks stranger who consoled 11-year-old son after car accident

SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WLNE) – A Burrillville mom is thanking a stranger who she said consoled her young son after he was involved in a car accident last week.

Amy Foisy said her 11-year-old son Christian was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her fiancé who rear-ended another driver on Route 7 in Smithfield.

“I was actually at work last Thursday and I got a call from my fiancé, and as soon as I picked up the phone I heard (my son) screaming in the background and I was literally out the door before he could even say that he got into a car accident,” said Foisy.

She rushed to the scene and arrived in time for her son to be put in the ambulance.

“I went in the ambulance but he kept talking about this woman coming out and basically being his little angel like while I get there. Even at the hospital, he kept talking about this woman. He hasn’t really stopped talking about her. So, I’m like, alright I need to do something as a mother, I want to reach out to her and try to find her but I didn’t know anything about her.”

According to Christian, the woman sat with him and told him everything would be OK, making him feel better in a scary situation.

“She heard (the crash) so I saw her come out of her house and then she came to ask me if I was doing OK and then she gave me a hug to make me feel better while my mom came,” Christian said. “I was, like, happy because I didn’t really have anyone else to be there.”

Foisy posted to a community Facebook group in hopes of finding the mystery woman. On Wednesday morning, she got a message from her.

“I was, like, blown away,” she said. “I couldn’t say thank you enough. She’s part of our family now because like I couldn’t be there, knowing that somebody else was there for him, it just, I don’t know, brings a warmth to my heart knowing that even though I couldn’t be there there’s still amazing people out there in this world, especially the world today.”

“I was happy that we actually got to find her,” added Christian, who’s celebrating his 11th birthday Wednesday. He said connecting with the woman who helped him was “a really nice” birthday present.

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