Burrillville soccer team rallies around player that is moving

For Burrillville’s Varsity soccer starter David Frickel the opportunity to play in Wednesday night’s Semifinal game isn’t one he takes for granted.

"It’s going to be something I will remember forever,” said Frickel.

That’s because his parents moved out of the state a few weeks ago deciding to let him live with a teammate so that he could go for his dream of attempting to win a State Championship.

"It means a lot considering this will be the last time I get to play with my friends. It’s nice to be able to be here one last time,” said Frickel.

Teammates tell ABC 6 News that having Frickel around added some extra motivation.

"I’ve based our games kind of on him because when I did find out he was moving and we found out it was as long as he stayed we all kind of said oh yeah we are going to the championship. We’re going to do whatever and he’s going to stay with us as long as he can,” said Darren Jenks.

Frickel’s coach, Brian LaFauci, says the sophomore has left a lasting impact with this group of guys.

"To have him stick around and be part of this for the whole way through it means a lot to me, it means a lot to him. It is great for the whole team,” LaFauci.

The team lost to Woonsocket Wednesday night, but players say they’re incredibly proud to have made it that far.

Frickel says he’ll be moving to Minnesota November 14th.

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