Owner of $3 Bar defends business

By: News Staff


The owner of the $3 Bar is defending his business.

“Getting me out of here you think is gonna stop all the crime on Federal Hill,  come on,” said $#3 Bar owner Gianfranco Marrocco.

Marrocco says he’s being targeted by other business owners on Federal Hill.

“When this war started between them and me you know they weren’t very happy with me bringing non-Italians into the neighborhood,” said Marrocco.

Marrocco, who owns 11 establishments in the city, says the bar is the best business idea he’s ever had.

Wednesday afternoon several dozen Federal Hill business owners, workers, and residents stepped off from DePasquale Square in Providence and marched to the board of licenses hearing downtown. The group says the recent violent incidents happening near the establishment are putting their livelihood in jeopardy and the neighborhood’s reputation on the line. 

Last week a man was beaten to death with a 2 x 4 in the parking lot behind the business. Then over the weekend a 25 person brawl spilled out into the street.

An open letter from the business community to the board addressing their concerns, including the safety of patrons, was circulated and gained over 100 signatures. A large police presence was visible as the group gathered.

Many of the businesses say the move is not a personal attack on one bar owner, but rather it highlights the need for a zoning change in Providence.

“It has nothing to do with changing the dynamics.  I mean we’re a diverse street.  I mean yesterday we walked.  I mean they’re was Lebanese, there was Italian, there was Irish, there was all people of all different ethnicity and it has noting to do with that.  It’s about running a proper kind of place,” said Federal Hill business owner, Michael Costantino.

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