Business is Improving at Rhode Island’s Quonset Business Park

by ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis 

Business is booming at the Quonset Business Park and Port of Davisville.

The new “Leadership Rhode Island” class being told the port set an all–time record for cars, shipped in through it's docks.

Governor Lincoln Chafee (I-RI) said, “Last year NORAD imported through the Port of Davisville, more than 172 automobiles.”

And with more business at Quonset, more roads and sewers are being put in to handle the additional demand.

Steven King of the Quonset Development Corporations said, “Many of you may have driven up and down Post Road. It's a little bumpy right now. They're working on putting some collection systems out there. And they are going to be connecting to our system. So we are growing with the community here in North Kingstown, as well.”

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “While the Quonset report card was a good one, it does beg the question. If things are going so much better in Rhode Island, why does the state still have an unemployment rate of better than 10 percent.”

The Governor says 300 new jobs were recently added at Quonset, but more needs to be done, especially in marketing Quonset Business Park to out–of–state firms.

Governor Chafee said, “Across the state, take your assets you have on any organization and build on them. Quonset is one of our great assets here in Rhode Island, with the Port, and the rail line all here, the new road coming in.”

To that end, Quonset still has a few hundred acres of property for sale, for businesses wanting to move here.