Business Owners Lose Money While Waiting for Power to Come Back

By: Tim Studebaker

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WYOMING, R.I. (WLNE) – After Thursday night’s storm, the power came back on near the Wood River in Wyoming around 3pm Friday, but for some business owners, the damage was already done.

Stagecoach House Inn Owner Deb Bokon says, “First thing I noticed when I came in, the lights at Route 3 were out, and I said ‘Hmm, something’s going on.’”

For Bokon, this would otherwise be a very busy day heading into the peak time for hotel stays, the weekend.

Bokon says, “It couldn’t happen on a Tuesday, could it? But yeah, that’s a lot of money. A lot of money lost.”

She says power outages are not all that common here.

Bokon says, “Normally, we’ve been the lucky ones. People have had to come to us because we’ve had power.”

This time she was forced to call her incoming guests and let them know, leading to cancellation after cancellation.

Bokon says, “One room that was here last night had to leave early because he’s on a breathing machine, so he needs electricity.”

Meanwhile, as the power comes back on, she’s hoping she can salvage some business over the weekend.

Bokon says, “It could be worse, I suppose. It could be the middle of the winter, and it could be cold. So, at least we’re not going to have frozen pipes.”

She says there’s a ripple effect. Her employees and the owners of the shops in the hotel’s lobby all lost money today too.

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