Busy day at the General Assembly

By: Dee DeQuattro
Email: ddequattro@abc6.com

Several bills will be heard on Tuesday at the State House as the session enters its last month.

The Senate Finance Committee will hear legislation giving $39 million in redevelopment assistance to 111 Westminster Street, the so-called Superman building as part of a public-private partnership.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear a bill about legalizing marijuana and taxing and regulating it similar to alcohol.

The House Judiciary Committee will vote on legislation increasing fines for minors using cell phones while driving and allowing Rhode Island to begin submitting limited information on people who are involuntarily committed to mental institutions and pose a threat of violence to themselves or others to the National Instant Criminal Background Check system in order to screen gun purchasers.

Additionally the House Judiciary Committee will vote on a bill making online impersonation a felony.

A bill calling for the Governor and Lt. Governor to run on the same ticket will also be heard by the committee.

A bill calling for a referendum on the ballot about a casino in Newport will also be heard. The bill states that the referendum will only pass if Newport voters in addition to voters statewide approve the measure.

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