Caleb Chafee charged with social host violation for alleged underage drinking party

by James Swierzbin


18–year–old Caleb Chafee faces new charges from an alleged underage drinking party.

The son of Governor Lincoln Chafee has been charged under Rhode Island's “social host law”

The law has different penalties based on age and is much more lenient towards people who are between the ages of 18 and 21.

Chafee could face a civil penalty of up to 500-dollars along with up to 30–hours of community service, and an alcohol education program, if he's convicted.

Governor Chafee released a statement saying in part, “Throughout this process, Stephanie and I have taken this matter very seriously and have been concerned and disappointed by the details of the event in question, as any parents would be. Caleb will accept responsibility for his actions and in addition to any legal consequences that result. We will continue to deal with this matter as a family.”