Camera captures car battery theft in broad daylight

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) — A Cranston woman is concerned after she says someone stole her car battery right from her driveway in broad daylight — and it’s all caught on camera.

Nicole Marietti has lived in the Eldridge Street neighborhood near Reservoir Avenue in Cranston for 13 years, and says she’s never felt unsafe.

That’s why she was shocked Wednesday when she discovered her car battery was missing.

She turned to her mom, who lives across the street and has a doorbell camera.

“Looked through the footage, saw what happened,” Marietti said. “I was really surprised to see that somebody was in my driveway and under my window.”

Video shows a pickup truck circling the block around 7:30 in the morning.

Then a man walks right up to Marietti’s house — while she was inside.

“He stood at my door after he fake rang the doorbell about maybe 20-25 seconds,” she said. “Then went down into the driveway under the window, then took off walking down the street.”

She says he appeared to meet up with that pickup truck from earlier.

Marietti says when she posted about this on Facebook, neighbors chimed in, saying they’ve had concerns about similar incidents in the area.

That’s why she says she reported it to the police, who tell us they’re looking into it.

“Hoping that they do get caught,” Marietti said. “Not just for me, but so this doesn’t happen to anybody else. I’d like not to have anybody else in my neighborhood, or in any neighborhood, have to deal with that.”

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