Cameras found recording men at urinals in Providence Amtrak station bathroom

By Kirsten Glavin




According to multiple reports, four hidden cameras were found in the Providence Amtrak station men’s bathroom. Two cameras were placed at shoulder height, and two pointed directly at the waist.

Multiple men were recorded using the urinals. ABC-6 caught up with a few people at the station Friday evening.

"I’ve used that bathroom before, so it’s a little creepy to say the least,” said Greg Decker from Basking Ridge, New Jersey.  

"I think it’s disgusting and kind of alarming. If I was using the bathroom, I would be freaked out if I knew I was being recorded,” added Sal Rosa from Brooklyn, New York.

The cameras were disguised as wall electrical sockets and light sensors. A janitor found them on April 20th, while cleaning.

"It’s an invasion of privacy. You have to think about who uses those bathrooms. Not only older men like myself but also fathers with children,” said Cameron Durkee from Georgetown, MA. “Just that someone could be looking at you with you not knowing it is just creepy."

The video didn’t just show men using the public restroom, it also captured the peeper. He is Jose Torres, 51, of Warwick. Torres was also seen on surveillance video at the Amtrak station, and was later spotted hanging around outside of the station.

That led to his arrest. However, this may not be his first offense. After searching his external hard drive and laptop, Providence Police were reported saying there may be evidence of other occasions and other victims.

"It’s an invasion of privacy. Where do you draw the line?" said Brian Foley of Worcester, MA.  

"I don’t think I’d go back in there,” added Decker.