Campaign promotes peace in honor of Martin Richard

A new campaign named for the Boston Marathon’s youngest bombing victim Martin Richard aims to spread peace through service projects and acts of kindness.

The Martin Richard Foundation teamed up with generationOn and Hasbro to create the Martin Richard Bridge Builder Campaign. The site officially launched Monday.

The initiative seeks to empower young people to make positive changes through service.

"Now more than ever this country really needs this,” said Karen Davis the Senior VP of Global Philanthropy and Social Impact at Hasbro Inc. "There are 10 project guides on where they can go and access with their parents these great guides and they can do projects in their community. They can do them alone, they can do them in their schools, or with friends."

As part of the program people are being asked to create posters and share them using the #nomorehurtingpeople.

"We’re asking everyone to make those posters and spread a tidal wave of peace and kindness across the country,” said Davis.

In a Time Magazine essay Richard’s parents write in part "Martin was known as a peacemaker, he brought people together and helped to show his peers you don’t have to be grown up to make a difference." They go on to say,"Our goal is to give kids a chance to learn about ways they can make a difference and share their stories to inspire others to do the same."

The campaign will run through October 16.

If you’d like to get involved you can visit the site at

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