Local college basketball coach bears striking resemblance to LA Rams head coach

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WLNE) – Many New Englanders are just getting to know the face of Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, but to those around the athletic department at UMass Dartmouth, McVay’s face may seem a little familiar

The buzz on the basketball court started early in the NFL season, when the LA Rams were winning, and their coach was getting more airtime.

UMass Dartmouth women’s basketball coach Matt Ducharme looks an awful lot like the guy who’ll be on the other side of the field this Super Bowl Sunday.

His co-workers were quick to notice too. The joke quickly caught on, and the text messages started rolling in.

Ducharme’s red hair helps solidify the look, but his beard is what really seals the doppelganger deal.

“Recently he shaved it off because he was kind of mad about a game that we lost, so it was an angry shave,” said senior basketball player Nakira Examond.

That passion for his team is another thing the coaches have in common.

“They’re both very hyperactive and they are both very successful,” said Athletic Commissioner Jim Seavey.

And successful is right – with McVay coaching in the Super Bowl and Ducharme having just hit the one hundred wins mark.

And while he could rock a Rams Tee this Sunday and pass for the opponent, this New Englander is rooting for the home team.

“I don’t have any allegiance to the Rams even though we look alike”, said Ducharme. “I’m all about the Pats.”

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