Candidates Slug it Out on the Campaign Trail After ABC6 Debate

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A partisan crowd gave Democratic nominee for Governor Gina Raimondo a warm welcome at Contech Medical in Providence Wednesday.

This the morning after she sparred with Allan Fung in the ABC6 News debate.

She called Fung’s plan to cut taxes by 200 million dollars a mistake.

“He thinks that if you just cut taxes on corporations, and cut education, and cut spending, automatically jobs will be created,” said Treasurer Gina Raimondo, (D) Nominee for RI Governor.

Raimondo wants to increase revenue by creating now jobs in Rhode Island.

Allan Fung was at a job fair in Warwick, and had this to say about Raimondo’s plan.

“How is the Treasurer going to do it? With fairy dust? Because the bottom line is, unless we improve our economic climate, our business friendliness, it’s not going to happen,” said Mayor Allan Fung, (R) Nominee fro RI Governor.

Fung says no companies will move to Rhode Island unless taxes are lowered.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Aside from debating economic plans, the two candidates are also in a dispute over how Allan Fung has managed the City of Cranston.”

In the ABC6 News debate, Raimondo accused Fung of raising the car tax.

“He actively decided to lower the value of cars that could be taxed, and as a result has taxed more cars which just hurts working families.”

Fung says the General Assembly and Governor changed the law.

“Where was she when this was happening by many members of her Democratic General Assembly back then, that followed along and passed that budget?”

The political sniping shows no sign of a let up as Election Day nears.