Nurse charged with Indecent Assault and Battery of a senior

Frank R. Palin - Canton Police Department

By: Sarah Rooney


Twitter: @abc6

CANTON, M.A. (WLNE) – A part-time nurse practitioner was arraigned and released on bail this Monday for one count of Indecent Assault and Battery on a person over 60.

67-year-old Frank Palin was arrested Sunday in relation to charges that he indecently assaulted a resident at the assisted living complex, Cornerstone at Canton.

The daughter of the alleged victim reached out to Canton Police Saturday with concerns over footage from a surveillance camera that she and other family members had set up in the victim’s room.

Footage from the camera reportedly showed Palin entering the room at around 8:45 AM. During the exchange outlined in police documents, Palin allegedly spoke to and touched the victim inappropriately during a scheduled “Face to Face” check-up. According to police reports, the resident displayed signs of “distress throughout the duration of the encounter.”

The alleged victim has reportedly lived at Cornerstone at Canton for approximately two and half years, and resides in the memory care unit due to her dementia. The resident’s daughter says she typically receives notice when someone other than family visits her mother, but on the day of the incident, she received no such notice.

Reports also say that though Palin was scheduled to hold a “Face to Face” with the alleged victim on Saturday, Palin did not follow protocol by not signing in at the front desk.

During an interview with police, Palin denied the claims and stated that the footage instead shows him examining a benign lump on the resident’s chest. However, police reports indicate that Palin made no note of a lump on his form from the morning of the incident.

Palin pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Monday and was released on bail.

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