Car crashes through Mansfield Honey Dew Donuts

Nicole Gerber


MANSFIELD – The owner of the Honey Dew Donuts on Copeland Drive in Mansfield said he'd
always wanted a second drive–through… but this isn't exactly what he had in mind.

A car came crashing into the side of his building earlier today.

“The main thing was… it was just loud!” said shop owner Gary Eagan. He was treating his employees to lunch when the car came barreling in, smashing through the wall.

“Unfortunately there were two people in that booth that got
hit, fortunately neither one of them was hurt seriously,” he said.

Eagan said
the booths, with their thick backs, probably contributed to their safety. He speculates if they had been sitting in open-backed chairs… that they could have gotten more seriously injured.

Eagan also said the elderly driver told him his foot just slipped off the brake and onto the

Out of the 20 people in the restaurant and two passengers, no serious injuries were reported and nobody was taken to
the hospital.

But the structural integrity of the building has been damaged and the repair could take thousands of dollars to fix.

“It looks like the vehicle actually lifted the whole corner
of the building… so we really got to make sure we support it well, that way
we can work underneath it… when we have to tear out all the concrete wall and
everything,” said Tom George, owner of TMG Carpentry.

The Honey Dew was shut down for less than an hour and is
still open for take–out and drive through orders…. but it will be at least another day before any part of the
seating area is ready for customers.

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