Car goes airborne, lands in North Attleboro swamp

North Attleboro police say that a car took off from a dead stop, lost control, and plowed into a line of cars, before going airborne and crashing into a nearby swamp.

Witnesses on the scene say that this crash was very scary, and that things happened so quickly, that it was hard at first to figure out what caused the crash.

At first, Ryan Mcghee thought that the vehicle that totaled his girlfriend's car, near the North Attleboro Walmart off South Washington Street, had just driven off.

“I got outta the car, I was like who hit us, I didn't even know where the guy was. He was gone.” said Mcghee.

After looking around, Mcghee saw the car that hit them, stuck in a nearby swamp.

“I looked over there an he's 20-feet in the woods, flipped over.”

The ground was so swampy that firefighters had to walk on ladders to reach the driver inside the flipped car.

The initial crash was intense with witnesses saying that the flipped car, reached speeds greater than 60-miles an hour.

Mcghee says that he feels lucky, that things weren't worse.

“We're lucky that we're still alive. If he would have been a few inches over to the other side, we might not be here right now.” said Mcghee.

It took some time for rescue workers to get the driver out of the flipped car. He was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment.

There were no other serious injuries as a result of the crash and police are still trying to figure out exactly what triggered the accident.