Surveillance Video Shows Car Hitting House in Providence

Providence, RI (WLNE) – A car hit a house on Federal Street in Providence Sunday night.

Several units from Providence Fire responded to the scene. The car hit the foundation of the home under the front door.

The car became wedged between the home and a tree when it came to a stop.

Some people who live in the building told ABC6 that the crash made a loud boom just after 10pm Sunday night. The people who spoke to ABC6 said, as far as they know, no one inside the home was badly hurt.

“I was sitting on the couch and the whole house shook,” Analise Stettner said. “It felt like there was an explosion outside, so we ran to the window and looked out and saw a car smoking that clearly had hit the front of our house.”

Surveillance video provided to ABC6 showed the car slam into the home. The video shows at least one person get out of the car and walk out of the view of the camera. That person returns back a few moments later and grabs items out of the car before taking off again.

Marcus Pagnozzi is the building’s construction manager. He says he got an emergency call late Sunday night and returned back Monday to begin repairing all the damage left behind.

“Right behind the wall there’s gas lines and electric lines, so had it gone in another couple feet, the place would’ve just blown up,” Pagnozzi said. “Today, it’s just block it up, get it weather tight and safe. And then get the masons in here and I imagine they’re going to have a few days of work.”

Pagnozzi says the damage is significant. Pieces of the foundation are cracked and what used to be the front step is now sticking into the basement. A building inspector arrived on scene Sunday night and told the people who live in the building it is safe to stay in for the time being.

We do not yet know the status of the driver. ABC 6 News reached out to police for an accident report. We are waiting to hear back.

We’ll continue to update this story as we get more information from the scene.

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