Car swerves, crashes into state police cruiser in Avon

Massachusetts State Police shared this photo of the cruiser that was struck during a traffic stop in Avon.

AVON, Mass. (WLNE) — Massachusetts State Police said a car struck one of their cruisers during a traffic stop in Avon Saturday morning.

Police said a trooper from H-7 SP Milton was conducting a traffic stop on route 24.

A second trooper was called to the scene in a marked police cruiser to provide assistance and additional lights, police said.

While the troopers were conducting the stop, a car slowed down in the right lane and a second vehicle, traveling at a high rate of speed, swerved to avoid them but crashed into a cruiser, authorities said.

Officials on scene were able to alert everyone of the incoming car and everyone avoided injury.

No further information regarding the driver was immediately released.

State police used this accident as a reminder to the public to slow down and move over when approaching an emergency vehicle.

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