Case High School ends deep-seated sports rivalry with Somerset

This is a file photo of Somerset High School. (WLNE)

SOMERSET, Mass. (WLNE) — Case High School decided to end their rivalry with Somerset because of some lop-sided outcomes in the game between two teams four divisions apart.

Tuesday night, family and students at Somerset-Berkley stated their case against the decision, saying the outcome feels like a high school breakup.

Students, coaches, family members and faculty at Somerset Berkley are still trying to fathom Case High School’s decision to end a near century rivalry and school tradition.

Those who spoke at Tuesday night’s Somerset school committee meeting felt they were blindsided by Case’s quick decision.

A passionate committee-goer said, “They were talking about this for several years, which we just learned of in December. My sincere hope is that there is reconsideration given the impact to our athletes.”

The head football coach for Somerset, Nick Frates said, “There was nothing written down, no formal meetings, when they said they were going to be looking, we didn’t know they meant next year.”

While Somerset says they want to rectify the rivalry, they know there’s a chance they’ll have to find another turkey day opponent.

An opponent that may be over state lines.

Jefferey Schoonover, superintendent of Somerset schools, said, “That would be great if it could workout it seems like there could be one team, they may not be considering a Thanksgiving day game but if they are we’re open to talk with them.”

But finding a new opponent could take some time and put a Thanksgiving game on hold for the Blue Raiders in 2023.

Some alumni and former faculty said the rivalry should be rectified.

“We should be playing Case High School in 2023 that’s the bottom line,” said Don Rebello, the former Somerset-Berkley principal.

There was a motion for a letter to be written to the Case High School administration and it was passed at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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