Diocese: “highly unlikely” church cross image was divine intervention

Dee DeQuattro


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence says that it is “highly unlikely” that what people believed be the image of the Virgin Mary on a church cross in North Providence is “divine intervention.”

Hundreds flocked to the Church of Presentation on Mineral Spring Avenue on Friday to see what some were calling an “act of God.” Some onlookers believed an image of the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus had been stained into the tarnish on the metal cross.

While the Diocese said it is unlikely that the image is a “miracle” they note that anything that brings about a renewed faith in God is a good sign.

“Nonetheless, God often works through ordinary means, and if the image on the cross, even if it is the result of natural causes, inspires individuals to a renewed faith in God and greater charity for their neighbor, that's a positive message to be welcomed and embraced,” said the Diocese in a statement.

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