Caught on Camera: North Attleboro Police use force to take down suspect

Melissa Toupin

North Attleboro police are coming under scrutiny after a witness video taped an incident where police used force to arrest a suspect who allegedly strangled his girl friend.

The man who taped the incident is questioning whether police went too far.

The department is taking this one head on defending the actions of its officers. They say the suspect, Joe Perry who is set to appear in court today, threatened police and came out swinging but it's what happened next that is raising eyebrows.

It happened on Sunday. Officers were called to a home by a woman saying her ex was attempting to strangle her. When they found the suspect, Joe Perry, police say he laughed at them and said “There are just two of you? You better call for back up.”

The video shows four officers violently taking down the man. They used pepper spray and then at least one continues striking Perry with a baton even after he is down.

Perry is being held on bail and will face the domestic abuse charges today. As for the officers involved, they are still on the job. The incident is being reviewed.

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