Caught on Camera: Scooter stolen from New Bedford driveway

By: Alexandra Cowley


A New Bedford mans only means of
transportation is stolen from his driveway in the middle of the night. Brandon Taylor has had three scooters taken from his home, but this time it was caught on camera.

When you watch the video you see a thief carefully pulling off the cover
to Brandon Taylors scooter, and quietly walking away with it in the  middle of the night.

Taylor was in disbelief when he noticed it missing, “not again really because I had just gotten that

Taylor had been camping with friends over the holiday weekend
and left his scooter locked up in his driveway.

“It was chained up right here and he busted the lock,
it's a cable lock, so he must have had bolt cutters or something,” said Taylor.

In the five years Taylor has lived at the home in New Bedford, he's had three
scooters stolen. Except this time, he's a little more hopeful in getting this
one back. It was caught on the new surveillance camera his landlord
recently installed.

His scooter was his only way of getting around.

“I worked and got it by working and everybody else just
wants to steal stuff around here.”

Now unemployed, his job hunting is on hold, and while he wants to believe someone will recognize the man
in the video, he's starting to accept that it's gone and thinking about what
he's going to do next.

“Honestly, probably thinking about moving maybe I don't
know,” Taylor said.

Taylor has filed a report with New Bedford police and so far, they have no