Caught on Camera: Woman Run Over Twice in Fall River

A Tiverton woman is recovering after being hit twice by a drunk driver in Fall River, and it was all caught on surveillance video.

“She was screaming and hollering. We put a jacket over her to keep her warm,” Daryll Parent said. Parent watched the hit and run accident happen right in front of him Saturday morning.

Thanks to surveillance video from a nearby jewelry store, authorities can see how it happened.

The video shows Donna Adams get hit by a reckless driver while crossing the street. The driver gets out to see what happened, but then he gets back in, backs up and runs over her again.

Through the commotion, the driver, Antonio Martis, 32, drives away, but he did not make it very far.

“He was walking away and I said you aren't going anywhere, you are staying right here,” a man who does not want to be identified said.

He ran into Martis a few blocks away, just moments after the accident. By that point, Martis had crashed his car into a pole.

“And that's when I took him down,” he said. “Then the cops came around the corner and took it from me and the other guy that were there.”

He held him down until the police arrived. Martis was later arraigned on charges of drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Adams has been released from the hospital. She is at her home in Tiverton recuperating and expected to make a full recovery.