CCFD 2016 budget approved

By Ana Bottary

The board says in the past five years, this is the first, non-forced approved budget in the district. The vote wasn’t even close, 243-21. This 6 month budget is for fiscal year 2016. It will reduce the residential tax rate. Chairman of the board, Fred Gralinski says, They proposed the 6 month plan, so they can come back in march to give residents an idea of where they are, their progress and what they can accomplish going forward.

"We are looking to be accountable. We want to be held accountable to the tax payers, so by doing a 6 month budget, coming back in march to give them an update. Then we will ask for additional funds if we feel we can make this work,"says Gralinksi
Voters also approved the board to bring on Richard Polselli as it’s newest member. The board will continue the meeting until march 19th, where they will give an update on the budget.