Centenarian couple has been married for 75 years!

They've been married for 75 Years ,they're also both one hundred years old!

Albert and Elizabeth Newton have shared a lot of laughs together, they are a unique couple,they're both one-hundred years old! Elizabeth was born November the 6th ,1911,Albert is the newest Centenarian of the pair, he was born February the 6th 1911..They've seen a lot of things , they were married in 1937, one year before the hurricane of 38. Albert says they lost their summer home to the hurricane. They've seen changes in technology, two World wars and both attended URI during the Great depression.

They will officially celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary March the 20th.They revealed the secret ingredient to a long happy marriage saying,we try to please each other, try to stay interested in each other and try to go the second mile

I also ask the Newton's, what's the key to long life and they said they don't ever worried about anything, they said that 99 percent of things people worried about, don't ever happen, That's good advice for all ages.