Central Coventry Fire District Budget Vote

By Mike LaCrosse 


Voters in Coventry approved a $5.6 million dollar budget for the Central Coventry Fire District.  The yes vote was 757 and the no vote was 136. 

“It's what we had planned on and that's what we were hoping for, that's what we got,” said Frank Gralinski, Fire District Board. 

“I think it sent a positive message to the judge that the people voted to approve the budget and they certainly want to keep the Fire Dept. alive.  They wanna keep the services and it's a matter of the board wanting to do the same,” said Dave Gorman, President of the firefighters union. 

The two sides will now have to work together to operate under the budget.   

Monday, voters also approved a two-tier tax system which creates separate rates for residential and commercial properties. 

The Central Coventry Fire District remains in receivership.  Both sides will still be in court on November 1st as they continue to work through their issues.