Central Coventry fire district elects new board

Dee DeQuattro


The votes are in for the “seven” new Central Coventry fire district board members.

Judge Brian Stern ordered the special election to replace the fire board after the fire district went into receivership.

The new board members include Marie Baker, Robert Hadley, Cynthia Fagan-Perry, Fred Gralinski, Helen Quinn, Maureen Jendzejec and Daniel Lantz.

The board must now create a budget that voters will finally accept. The last time the voters in the district went to the polls they rejected a new budget for the district that involved a tax increase.

The fire district is grappling with an estimated $3.3 million dollar debt.

“We felt it was time to turn the district back over to the tax payers in a board and begin to let them govern and allow them to pull us out of the hole,” said Fire Chief David Gorman.

Three of the five fire stations still remain closed.

Nearly one–thousand voters went to the polls on Saturday.