Central Falls Teacher Under Fire For Indecent Behavior With Students

A Central Falls High School teacher is under investigation after allegations of inappropriate behavior with students. The behavior was first investigated by the school district a couple months ago, when the allegations were brought to the districts attention. Now, the Rhode Island State Police have been brought in to help.

Staff members tell ABC 6 the 22-year-old chemistry teacher was involved with students outside of the classroom. That she was allegedly drinking and having sexual relations with her students.

Senior Jaimee Velasquez says the teacher was popular among her students.

She says, “She was letting kids drive her car and other things that she shouldn't be doing. I heard that they were drinking and stuff.”

The school district would not comment on the details of the allegations, but released a statement confirming there is an active investigation and that the teacher has been removed from the district.

The news doesn't sit well with Steven Atkins, who's 16 year old daughter attends Central Falls High School.

“I think that we should clean up our school system,” Atkins said.

Atkins says the allegations paint a negative picture of the rest of the school staff who he says do a great job. But if the allegations are proven to be true, he's going to look into other options for his daughter.

“I might need to move my daughter into a private school, its an expensive decision but it might need to be done,” he said.

The Rhode Island State Police are conducting interviews at the school. The allegations are still under investigation and no charges have been filed. We know the name of the teacher, but cannot release her name until the investigation has concluded.