Central Falls Library Holds Clothing Drive

Now that Central Falls knows what it's like not to have a library, the community is using it for much more than books.

Lots of people went to the clothing drive that took place in Central Falls at the Adams Library. The library, which was facing closure, was saved by donations from celebrities including Central Falls' own Viola Davis and Alec Baldwin.

Now, the library is giving back to the community.

A new banner hangs outside the Adams Library in Central Falls. It says, “This is YOUR library”.

Inside, staff made good on that banner's promise with a clothing drive, there to help those who may not be able to afford clothing.

Beyond the shelves of Harry Potter books, there are heaps of sweatshirts, belts and work boots.

All donated for the people who need it the most.

Staff hope it makes the bankrupt city seem just a bit brighter, if only within the walls of the library.

The volunteers said there were so many clothes leftover from today's drive that they plan on holding another one. ABC6 News will let you know as soon as they set a date.