Central Falls Receiver Suspends Parking Ban

              It may be one of the shortest lived city ordinances in history. Central Falls Receiver Robert G. Flanders has suspended the parking ban which took effect Monday. The ban, which lasted one day, prohibited parking on the street between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. 75 tickets were given Monday night.

              Tensions were high at a public meeting Monday night with the City Council. The Council President said his hands were tied and there was nothing he could do. The right to enforce or remove the ban belongs to the city's Receiver.

              But Tuesday, after hearing the public outcry, Flanders has canceled the ban for this Winter. Saying he's not going to force a city into something they don't want.

             “We're not going to be enforcing it, it's still there on the books, but I've told the police not to enforce it until we take action to either withdraw the ordinance or take some alternate action,” said Judge Flanders.

            He plans to call for another public forum before implementing another ban to allow for anyone who wants to attend. For those who received a ticket, Flanders says you're expected to pay the forty dollar fine.