Central Falls School Janitor Arrested For Repeatedly Kicking Cat

A Central Falls school custodian is charged with animal cruelty after witnesses saw him kicking a cat like a soccer ball. Two people say they saw school janitor Jeffery Doyle kick the cat several times in front of the Ella Risk School where he worked. When officers responded they found the cat hunched over a snow mound, barely breathing.

The one year old female cat looks to be in great shape now, but two days ago police say she was kicked around like a rag doll by a school custodian. Pawtucket Animal Control Supervisor John Holmes says she's extremely lucky

Holmes said, “it was in pretty bad shape it had a head injury and I believe a leg injury.”

two anonymous witnesses identified 48-year-old Jeffery Doyle as the man they saw kicking the cat over and over again on school grounds.  When animal control officers arrived on scene they found the cat hunched over and twitching in a pile of snow, gasping for air.

The custodian was pulled out of the Ella Risk School by officers and positively identified by witnesses. He was immediately arrested.

“My opinion is anyone who hurts an animal, I mean what else are they capable of doing,” explained Holmes.

The cat, nicknamed precious by staff, was treated by a veterinarian for Hypothermia, head trauma, a leg injury, and bleeding behind the eyes.

Holmes has worked with animals for 37 years and has seen hundreds of animal cruelty cases, but he says he'll never understand why a person would harm an innocent animal.

He said, “If it's proven that this was done, then people should go to jail.”

Doyle was arraigned Tuesday on felony charges of malicious injury to animals. He was released on his own recognizance and has a pretrial conference on March 27th.

Central Falls School District issued a statement saying, “We are aware of the serious allegations made against a staff member and are awaiting a complete report from the Central Falls Police Department. We will take appropriate action at that time.”

Once the investigation is complete, the cat will be put up for adoption. If you're interested in adopting this cat contact Central Falls Animal Control at (401) 727-7499.