Central Falls woman urges driver to come forward who injured 10-year-old daughter in hit-and-run

A Central Falls woman is seeking justice for her 10-year-old daughter after she was injured in a hit and run on July 1.

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WLNE) – A Central Falls woman is seeking justice for her 10-year-old daughter after she was injured in a hit and run on July 1.

LaKeisha Davis and her daughter, Jaeleece Davis-Fernandes, were walking to the store just before 8 p.m. when a car traveling on Pine Street made an illegal left turn onto Cross Street, a one-way, and struck the 10-year-old.

“She went to cross the street and the car turned up the wrong way and hit her. She fell on her right side, she hurt her knee, and the car just continued on,” said Davis.

Davis said the vehicle was a red Ford Focus and she remembers seeing at least four people inside. She said it’s possible they were teenagers.

“They just kept going, they didn’t try to turn themselves in and it’s almost going on three weeks later and, I mean, we just want justice for my daughter.”

While Davis-Fernandes walked away with just a sprained knee and some bruises, her mother said the emotional trauma is worse.

“She’s afraid to even walk alone or with us to the store. She couldn’t sleep at night obviously. It was traumatizing, and I’m also an EMT, so I’m usually on the other side of things. So when it’s your own child that you have to render aid to, it’s a little scary whether she was hurt a lot or not.”

Feeling helpless after days with no leads, Davis took to Facebook, posting about the experience.

“We had over 1,100 shares so I’m thankful for that. And someone had reached out to me and let me know they had video of a car, a red car, cause we did know the color, passing by her house only a few minutes before my daughter was struck.”

That Good Samaritan turned in her surveillance footage to Central Falls Police.

“I’m so grateful, I couldn’t thank her enough. Cause without that, I don’t know if it possibly would be going anywhere at this point.”

Now, the case, and the Davis family, has new hope that someone will come forward.

“Just come forward,” Davis said in a message to the driver responsible. “Even if you’re scared or whatever, you know, we get it, but we have a child here who could’ve really gotten hurt.”

Central Falls Police continue to investigate. Anyone with information is urged to contact the department at (401) 727-7411.

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