Chad Brown non-violence cookout

By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- Many hoped a cookout would bring neighbors out from hiding after some ran for cover during a shooting that injured five people in the Chad Brown neighborhood last Tuesday night.

NAACP President, Jim Vincent said, “They’re spraying bullets in crowds which means that the whole community is held hostage because they don’t know if they’re gonna be next.”

So, instead of waiting for the next tragedy, local groups including the NAACP are calling for a summit of all state and city leaders- suggesting they invest more money and programs in urban areas.

Providence Chief Hugh T. Clements Jr., said “I think everyone needs to come to the table because it’s a community response, a law enforcement response, a political response.”

Diana Garlington organized Sunday’s cookout. Her daughter, Essence Christal was murdered in 2011. She was the unintended victim of a targeted shooting. Her killer was never identified.

“We’re not gonna take this. We’re not gonna keep sitting down and letting our children getting taken away from us. It’s continuous pain; it’s almost like you feel like your life was taken,” said Garlington.

“The violence in the city is disgusting. We’ve lost a lot of people. It’s time to end it,” said Candace Smith.

In February, Geroge Holland was shot through a kitchen window. His family is also calling attention to this community crisis.

His cousin, Candace Smith said, “It’s really hard to have to sit in that court room and see these people that took him away from us and he wasn’t the intended target.”

Police have stepped up patrols in the area and say this week they’ve taken five illegal guns off the street. They won’t say if any of those weapons are connected to the Chad Brown shooting.

Monday’s call on political leaders to collaborate on ways to stop the violence will be held at 5 p.m. at the Garray Judicial Complex, located on Dorrance Street.

No arrests have been made in the Chad Brown shooting.

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