Chariho Soccer Coach Accused Of Sexting Teen Player

Dirty text messages land a local high school soccer coach in big trouble. Police said an assistant coach for the boys team at Chariho High School texted one of his players asking for sexual favors.     

It was the teen's cell phone that led police to arrest 51 year old assistant soccer coach Glen Matteson Wednesday. Officers said, through text messages, he basically asked one of the members of his team to take part in sexual acts.

That boy showed those lewd text messages to his parents, who went immediately to police. “They were sexually explicit and totally inappropriate and certainly they're fitting that charge that was brought against him, which was indecent solicitation of a child,” said Richmond Police Chief Elwood Johnson.

Police said they caught Matteson after a detective posed as the high school student and texted Matteson. That's when they said the messages got even more sexual, so police moved in searching Matteson's home and arresting him Wednesday.      

“That's when we located pornographic images child pornography, which is also a violation of law,” said Chief Johnson.

The soccer coach was arraigned Wednesday on felony charges. He pleaded not guilty. We went to Matteson's home to get his side of the story. There was no answer. Chariho High School students are looking for answers too, shocked this happened at their school.

Officers aren't sure if Matteson sent inappropriate text messages to anyone else on the soccer team. Matteson also worked for the Chariho Youth Soccer Association for several years.