Chemical explosion sends Taunton man to hospital

By: Rebecca Turco


TAUNTON, Mass. – A chemical explosion sent a Taunton man to the hospital with serious injuries Sunday evening.

Firefighters say the man was washing his back deck on Pine Street, when he mixed two cleaning products together into a spray bottle that should not have been paired up. "It was just two of the wrong ones,” explained Capt. Keith Hartung. "The container that he was mixing them in exploded [and] gave him some pretty severe injuries."

The man was conscious when rescuers rushed him to the hospital with serious abdominal injuries.

Hazmat crews responded to the scene to evaluate the chemicals, eventually deeming the area safe. There was no fire from the explosion and no damage to the porch.

Hartung offered a common sense warning to residents: "Don’t mix two chemicals if you don’t know what they are."

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