Chemical suicide shuts down Seekonk carnival

Fire officials in Seekonk believe that a man killed himself by breathing in a mixture of hydrogen sulfide while inside a car, in a parking lot, where a carnival was scheduled to take place.

Thankfully the man did leave several notes on the car warning people to stay away.

And without those warnings, officials say that the situation could have been much worse.

The warnings were first discovered by a group of kids at around 2:30 Friday afternoon.

“It said poisonous gas, hydrogen sulfide, do not open the doors, call 9-1-1 and get the hazmat team.” said 13-year old Matthew Stanley.

Stanley did what the warnings said, even though there was a man inside, who wasn't moving.

“The guy was just passed out with goggles on just looking up, doing nothing.” said Stanley.

After hazmat crews did get inside the car, they found that the man inside was dead.

Poisoned by 2-buckets filled with hydrogen sulfide. A chemical that in its gaseous form, could have been deadly to others, if it had escaped the car.

“It could have done the same that it did to him, inhaling this is a very quick death.” said Seekonk Fire Chief Alan Jack.

Chief Jack said that beyond the warning notes on the car, the windows had been taped, to make sure that no air got in or out.

The hydrogen sulfide inside the car certainly wasn't something you pick up at a hardware store.

“It's a product that it appears the individual made himself.” said Chief Jack.

Between the warnings, and the effort put in to keep the gas inside the car, investigators believe that the only explanation for what happened is a case of chemical suicide.

“At this time there's nothing that leads us to believe it would be anything other than that.” said Chief Jack.

Now both the car and the man's body were decontaminated at the scene before being removed.

The excess chemicals meanwhile were sealed and taken for analysis.

There's no word yet on the identity of the man inside the car.

The carnival is scheduled to go on as planned on Saturday.