Chief Marshal for Bristol 4th of July Celebration announced

By: Samantha Lavien

Twitter: @samanthalavien

The countdown to Bristol's 229th Fourth of July celebration is on. Wednesday night David Barboza was named as the new Chief Marshal.

“I'm on cloud nine. I never saw this coming, I'm just humbled and beyond words,” said Barboza.

The role is considered the town's highest honor.

“It's a very small club of people I really admire. And so to be part of that is good and it's humbling as well,” said Barboza.

The Chief Marshal is selected by the Fourth of July committee's general chairman. And, it has been kept secret since November.

“There's a lot of secrecy, people trying to find out who it is. No one knew, nobody knew. It's the first time I think in a long time,” said The General Chairman of the Fourth of July Committee Ray Lavey.

Lavey says Barboza is extremely deserving of the title.

“He just gives and gives and gives to the community, It's just unbelievable what he does,” said Lavey.

Barboza is a volunteer at the Bristol Fire Department as well as an EMT/Cardiac instructor. His full time job is working as an assistant to the pastor and business manager at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Wednesday night, his mother was almost speechless about the honor her son has received.

“I am so wound up that I just can't explain. The good lord kept me here. I'm 91 years old and he's kept me here so that I could be here during this moment with my son,” said David's mom, Irene Barboza.

And, Barboza says he's most looking forward to getting to cut the ribbon on the Fourth of July and getting to march in the parade.

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