Child care center gives glimpse into how they’re preparing to reopen

Plans for reopening child care centers are due to the state by Friday.

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (WLNE) – Though Rhode Island child care centers are supposed to reopen by June 1, one Middletown organization says it’s not planning on rushing things.

“We’ll be starting slow, for sure,” said Coggeshall Club founder Britt Riley.

The Coggeshall Club in Middletown, is aiming for the end of June so they can deep clean the premises and fully train staff on their new workflow.

“We have been working through sanitation, cleaning, hand washing procedures and protocols,” described Riley.

Not only will children be screened for symptoms once they arrive at the Coggeshall club in
Middletown, they’ll also have their temperature checked three times throughout the course of the day.

Parents who use the upstairs co-working space will also be screened. And staff will be trained to spot any possibly symptoms.

“Also we’ve been removing lots of toys, things they’d put in their mouths, things they play with between each other, and trying to stabilize the environment,” said Riley.

One of the biggest things Riley says she hopes they can achieve is getting clear masks for her teachers so that the kids can tell when they’re smiling or asking a question.

“It’s really trying to go as far as we can to make sure this is completely sanitary and incredibly safe for people, but then also maintaining our high quality of nurture,” said Riley.

Despite all of the planning and extra precautions they’ll be taking, the Coggeshall Club understands some families may not want to take the risk of having their child in a communal setting just yet.

“We fully expect that some people won’t be coming back until the fall,” said Riley.

The deadline for child care centers to submit their reopening plans to the governor’s office is this Friday.

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