Child given wrong transport from school to daycare, left stranded on Branch Ave.

By Brent Holden


A 5 year old girl was left stranded on Branch Ave. after being given the wrong transport after school.

She was supposed to be taken to daycare by a company van. However, she was put on the schoolbus and dropped off on Branch Ave. and left unattended without an adult. She was left to wander the streets of Providence by herself, until she was found by a couple, who contacted the girl's mother and put her back in safe hands.

“This is inexcusable under our procedures, which require that children under 8 years old be met by a parent or caregiver,” explains Christina O'Reilly, director of Communications for Providence Public Schools. “As such, the bus monitor on that route has been suspended pending full investigation of this and the larger series of events. As a result of this investigation, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against all adults whose role was not fulfilled. We deeply regret this series of errors, and are examining elementary school dismissal procedures immediately to prevent such instances in the future.”