Child Killer Woodmansee Seeking Civil Commitment

CRANSTON, R.I. (AP) – A man who killed a Rhode Island boy, then kept his shellacked bones, has agreed to commit himself to a mental health facility following his early release from prison this

State corrections officials made the announcement Friday.

They say Michael Woodmansee has agreed to be committed to the facility indefinitely. They say if he ever seeks his release, they will move to have him involuntarily committed.

State psychiatrists had determined Woodmansee was too mentally ill to be released as scheduled in September.

Woodmansee has served 28 years of a 40-year-sentence for killing 5-year-old Jason Foreman in South Kingstown in 1975. He confessed and was convicted of second-degree murder in 1983.

He's eligible for early release under the state's good-time statute, which shaves time off the sentences of well-behaved inmates.

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Family representative Erik Wallin released this statement, on behalf of the Foreman family: 

We learned of this development this morning, from AT Wall (Dept. of Corrections Director), which we appreciated. (We) are taking some relief that Michael Woodmansee will not be walking out of prison, and onto the streets. However, the family continues to be upset over the fact that Michael Woodmansee is being released at all, 12 years early, simply because he behaved in prison.

The family continues to be committed to repealing the laws that allowed for Michael Woodmansee's early release.