Child murderer could face fight to vote

By Abbey Niezgoda

A convicted child killer, released from prison 12 years early, could face a fight in his push to vote in the upcoming election.

Michael Wodmansee confessed to sexually assaulting and killing 5 year old Jason Foreman back in 1983. He got out of jail last year, but immediately checked in to a mental hospital. Now he is asking for an absentee vote.

However, the Cranston Board of Canvassers in Cranston say they could argue he is not sane enough to vote.

“If you have been lawfully adjudicated noncompismentis, you do not have the right to vote,” chairman Joseph Delorenzo said. “Noncompismentis is the Latin term for not of sane mind or insane.”

The ACLU disagrees. In a statement, director Steven Brown said, “People who have a mental illness do not lose the right to vote…There is absolutely no evidence that Woodmansee fails to meet the qualifications for voting.”

The Foreman family's lawyer says this only adds insult to injury for them and that this further shows how the legislature coddles criminals.

The Board of Canvassers has until tomorrow to decide whether or not they will certify Woodmansee's ballot. Their decision could ultimately be overturned by the courts and the Board of Elections.